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Activate concept means put concept into the short memory.



PCnous reads text: “I love you”.

As a result of the reading concepts “I”, “love”, and “you” will be temporarily activated.


Activated concept can be easily and quickly processed.

For instance, cause-effect relations could be established between all active concepts.



PCnous can create(or update) cause-effect relations between concepts “I”, “love”, and “you”:

 “I” -> “love”.

love” -> “I”.

love” -> “you”.

you” -> “love”.

“I” -> “you”.

“You” -> “I”.


Processing and merge of activated concepts

After concept is being activated and processed it is necessary to merge active concept with the concept in the main memory.


Let originally concept “love” has desirability=200.

Immediately after activation concept love will have the same desirability=200.

Let processing of the concept made desirability=250.

Value 250 is stored in the short memory (in activated concept).

We need to save this information into the main memory.

After the merge, concept “love” in the main memory could have desirability=210.


Chain activation

Concept activation increases chances of activation of related concepts.

For instance, activation of concept “animal” increases chances of activation of related concept “cat”.

Action and activation

Concept activation dramatically increases chances that action associated with the concept will be executed. If activated concept doesn’t have associated action then actions of related concepts may be executed.

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