Intellectual Job Search

How to attract new people to the site

  1. Free
  2. Simple cut&paste instead of long registration
  3. Send email to the recruiters with invitation to post/send position description.
  4. Send email to the job seekers with invitation to post/send resume.



  1. Don’t allow more than 5 post from the same IP within 5 minutes.
  2. Block bad IPs (IPs of users with bad behavior: post too often, post fake info …)


How to parse a post

Every post (resume or job description) is divided into bunch of words (or even phrases).

Every combination {post}{word} gets a score.

The score depends on how many times the word was appeared in the post.

Score = log(quantity of occurrences) / (total quantity of occurrences of this word within all posts)


Name of the site

It might be nice to buy J - empty.

Temporary storage:

User interface

User interface has to be very simple.

Basically there should be only two elements:

Text field for the resume text

Button “Post resume”.


Some additional info might be useful:

Location (zip code or State + City)

Login (UserName + Password).


Some info has to be extracted from the resume and confirmed:

-         Email address

-         Phone

-         Core keywords

-         Rate/Salary