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Language translator prototype

Language translator prototype is able to read, write and learn in any language.

It is possible because strong AI architecture is language-independent.

Despite the fact that surface concepts are different in different languages, abstract concepts are usually language independent.


Strong AI may know English word “CAT” and Russian translation of this word “KOT”. These two words would be represented in two different surface concepts. But both of them would relate to the same abstract concept #74087, which in essence, represents “cat” concept in strong AI memory. This abstract concept would work as English-to-Russian translation bridge.


In addition to bridges in form of abstract concepts, concepts from different languages may have direct relations with each other (inter-language relations). These direct relations make translation easier.


Translation Algorithm

(Translation from English to Russian)

  1. Read word or phrase from English text. Reader prototype would be useful here.

That would activate “English language thought”.

  1. Activate abstract concepts related to the “English language thought”.
  2. Activate concepts which simultaneously relate to:
    1. Currently active concepts (activated in #1 and #2).
    2. “Russian language” concept.
  3. Convert active concepts (activated in #3) into plain Russian text. Text Synthesizer would do this job.

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