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Memory Cleaner routine

Memory cleaner routine cleans memory from useless information.

Memory cleaner routine is hardcoded routine.

Functional purpose

Memory cleaner routine serves as a core part of forgetting process.

Implementation details

Memory cleaner routine affects:

- Strength and desirability attributes of concept table.

- Strength and coherence attributes of cause-effect relation table.


Memory cleaner routine algorithm:

1) Decrease value of the {attributes} of all concepts and relations.

2) Delete concepts and relations which have too low value of strength, desirability and coherence.


Memory cleaner routine is run on regular basis by timer (system device).


Memory cleaner routine parameters

Memory cleaner routine calculates how intensive should be cleaning process.

Before cleaning process memory cleaner routine calculates these parameters:

1)      ConceptCleanerIntensity - specifies how intensively concepts should be cleaned.

2)      CauseEffectRelationCleanerIntensity – specifies how intensively cause-effect relations should be cleaned.

In order to calculate these parameters memory cleaner routine calculates:

1)      Current total quantity of concepts in concept table.

2)      Current total quantity of relations in cause-effect relation table.


Then memory cleaner routine calculates current concept-relation ratio:


Then memory cleaner routine compares current and desired parameters:

1)      “Current total quantity of concepts” and “Desired total quantity of concepts”.

2)      concept-relation ratio and “Desired concept-relation ratio”.

 (See: system parameters)


The bigger are differences – the stronger should be intensity of cleaning (ConceptCleanerIntensity, CauseEffectRelationCleanerIntensity).

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