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Peripheral devices

Peripheral devices connect strong AI with the outer world. Compare with: System Devices (which handle strong AI’s internals).

Other name for peripheral device is “Input/Output device”.


Peripheral devices are hardcoded units.


List of peripheral devices:

Operator console

Operator console provide dialogue with operator. Through the console, operator can:


WWW-browser client

WWW browser client is able to download specified page from the Internet. Afterwards PCnous can read the downloaded page. As a result PCnous may want to read another page, so PCnous may surf on Internet and learn from Internet.


Google-based search

See: Intelligent Google-based search prototype


E-mail client

Email client provides ability to send, receive, write and read email messages. Email client make possible conversation with other intelligence systems (e.g.: people).


Web server

Web server might provide diverse functionality. For instance: to allow web-site visitors to talk with PCnous.


Chat client

Chat client provides real-time conversation with Intelligent Systems (people) over Internet.


IRC client

IRC client provides real-time group conversation over Internet.

Other peripheral devices

Other peripheral devices would be able to work with text, sound, video images, tactile input, ultrasound, temperature input, radiation sensors, and so on.

I think that text parser in the most peripheral device because it has tremendous advantage over other peripheral devices. Text parser is relatively easy to implement and it provides access to huge text knowledge base (books, Internet) which human civilization have been developed.