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True Artificial Intelligence System

True Artificial Intelligence System – is AIS which completely implements main functionality of human mind.

True AIS is also known as Strong AI.

True AIS is able to learn, like humans’ children do.


True AIS is able to learn without professional help. Under professional help I mean computer programmers or specially trained computer operators.

Human children can learn even by non-professional people, by means of regular conversation. Also children can learn by experimenting with outer world. True AIS is able to learn in the same ways.


True AIS is able to learn any area of knowledge. “Any” but not necessarily “every” field of knowledge. The same about a human: an human is not able to learn all professions and all sciences, but (s)he is able to learn any profession or any science).

True AIS can be used as professional in many fields, for instance: technical support, law, software development, management, science, medicine and so on.


Questions & Answers


Question: I disagree that children are able to learn without human’s help. Children which grew up among animals have practically no intelligence.

Answer: You are right, without help of society children's intelligence will be very limited, but:

1) Children are still able to learn without adult human’s help at all.

2) Even with restricted help of society children can achieve quite strong intelligence. Even non-educated "teacher" can teach a child to speak.

In contrast: current computer programs require strong developers' efforts in order to achieve even restricted intelligence.


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