Thursday, December 11, 2003

Case Base Reasoning (CBR) overview

AICom paper

My thinking about CBR is:
1) CBR has some ideas
2) As a whole CBR is too old (~15 years) and produced very limited results.
3) CBR is applicable to certain tasks. For example some Narrow Artificial Intelligence Systems may benefit from CBR.

Question (by Jiri Jelinek): What do you think is the main reason for the "very limited results"?

1) Because problems that we are solving now never happened before -- only similar cases happened.

2) Even if we were able to find solution in our memory -- such memory would have virtually infinite size (which means virtually zero performance).

3) When we try to solve #1 and #2 -- we need to apply interpolation/extrapolation techniques, which in essence is not a CBR anymore.
Interpolation/extrapolation would require calculating weights for and against set of potential solutions.
Such weights can be stored in Cause-Effect relations

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