Friday, March 04, 2005

Background knowledge --- how much data do we need?

Jiry> And try to understand that when testing AI (by letting it to solve
Jiry> particular problem(s)), you do not need the huge amount of data you
Jiry> keep talking about. Let's say the relevant stuff takes 10 KB (and it
Jiry> can take MUCH less in many cases). You can provide 100 KB of data
Jiry> (including the relevant stuff) and you can perform lots of testing.
Jiry> The solution may be even included in the question (like "What's the
Jiry> speed of a car which is moving 50 miles per hour?"). There is
Jiry> absolutely no excuse for a strong AI to miss the right answer in those
Jiry> cases.

Do you mean 100 KB data as the background knowledge is enough for strong AI?
Are you kidding?

By the age of 1 year human baby parsed at least terabytes of information. And keeps in his/her memory at least many megabytes of information.

Do you think 1 year old human baby has strong AI with all this knowledge?

Yes, artificial intelligence could have advantage over natural intelligence. AI can be intelligent with less amount of info.
But not with 100 KB anyway.
100 KB is almost nothing for General Intelligence.

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