Monday, May 23, 2005

AI answering comlex questions

> Imagine that the example talks about 2 accounts, initial amount $100
> on both and several simple financial transactions between the
> accounts. I believe your AI would get confused very soon and would not
> be able to figure out the balance.

In the situation of such complexity regular human beings cannot provide adequate answer.
What do you expect from AI under development?

If we are talking about perfect AI now, then again --- AI will not read text with "one-time parsing" approach.
Instead, perfect AI will read like human: read sentence, think, make decision whether to read father, or re-read again, or skip reading at all, or use another source of information (e.g. ask questions or go to Google), or do anything else. Perfect AI would accomplish chosen action until AI would be satisfied with the results.

But let's return back to today's reality: we are talking about developing first AI prototype, so we'd better skip too complex tasks for now.

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