Monday, May 30, 2005

Story of my interest in AI

Jiry> When did you first decide to attempt making Strong AI?
Jiry> Was there anything particular what triggered that decision?

I'd say it was ~year 2001.
It wasn't sudden decision.
I was interested in AI among many other things.
Gradually I recognized how powerful could such tool be.
Also I decided that since computers are getting more and more
powerful, AI should be implemented pretty soon.

Originally I didn't think that I should develop AI, I just thought
that I'll be among early adopters of AI, that I will just tweak it after someone
(probably Microsoft) would develop AI framework.

Gradually I understood that I have to build AI by myself, because:
1) practically all other researchers go in wrong directions.
2) I learned about approaches which should give successful results and
put approximate AI model together.

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