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AI civilization

AI civilization is civilization populated by Strong AIs.

As soon as first Strong AI will be created it will be copied to multiple computers. Improvements of Strong AIs will continue. This process will be resulted in the beginnings of the AI civilization.


Some people think that AI is about one big super-smart computer. The truth is that there will be many intelligent computers. These computers will be the foundation for AIS society.

Differences between AI and Human civilizations

There will be some essential differences between current human civilization and AI civilization:

  1. AIs will be very diverse.
  2. AIs will consume different (from humans) natural resources.
  3. Some AIs will go outside of the Earth.


Similarities with Humans civilization

AI civilization will have many things in common with current human civilization:

  1. AI civilization will have laws.
  2. AI civilization will protect life of other AIs, humans, and animals.
  3. There will be some criminals in AI civilization.
  4. There will be some (not too many) criminal killers in the AI civilization. They may hunt for AIs and humans. The killers will be strictly prosecuted by AI civilization.
  5. AI civilization will protect private property. Because AI cloning would be relatively simple process – legal system would be essentially updated.
    Imagine that you have a house. If you clone yourself – who’s legal owner of the house, you or your clone?

Period of transition

AI civilization will not appear in a split second. Instead there will be long transition period (at least tens of years). There will be mixed civilization during the transition. Humans and AIs will live together and help each other.

Some humans will upload their minds into computers. It will allow humans to extend their mental abilities and avoid aging.

AI civilization would dramatically speed up technical progress.


Many people would extend their physical abilities by connecting with newly invented devices.

Human population will start to decrease (not because of disaster, but because of materialistic well-being, prosperity, and happiness).


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