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Advantages of artificially crafted intelligent system

Artificial Intelligent System has several advantages over humans (Natural Intelligent systems).

These advantages are:

They are:


Let’s consider these advantages in details.

Technical progress double AIS performance at least each 2 years

If computer’s performance is doubled that means that performance of all programs at this computer is doubled. If AIS is reinstalled on the computer with double performance then AIS starts to work 2 times quicker. Just because of new hardware.

In 20 years performance of computers increases in ~1000 times. In 60 years – in billion times. That is if computer in 2010 is able to think with speed of average person, then by year 2070 computer will be able to think with speed of 1 billion people.


It is easy to copy AIS’ mind (the Main Memory). It’s easy to clone AIS’ brain (body)

Some programs are better than other. We copy the best programs most of all.

Some personalities are better than other. Currently it’s very hard to copy great personality (in case of human beings).

Artificial Intelligent Systems can be easily copied. That means if software developers created successful instance of an AIS program then the instance can be multiplied. Also, if system learned very successfully some important technology/technique then this system can be multiplied (along with the acquired knowledge).


It is easy to add/replace components, like new peripheral, additional memory, new CPU

Just imagine that:

-         Cardiovascular Ltd. sells advanced hearts for $1995 per unit. New hearts can easily replace your old heart. It will work for at least 20 years, will never cause pain, and will perfectly supply your body with the blood. In addition to that new heart weights only 1 pound including an embedded power unit.

-         Advanced Vision Inc sells new eyes for $700 per pair. New eyes have doubled vision frequency range and allow seeing in almost full darkness.

-         Multi Speech Inc. suggests you to buy preprogrammed brain module “Euro Speech 4.5” which instantly causes you to understand 10 new languages. Price: $895/unit.

-         Rapid Input Corp. sells a brain unit “Tele Type 3.0” which allows you to type text into your desktop computer just by thinking about that. Bonus: embedded, constantly updated spellchecker. Tele Type 3.0 allows not only to connect to your desktop, but also connect with other people directly over wireless connection. Smooth integration with Cell Phone providers is already implemented since “Tele Type 2.0”. Price: $679. Upgrade from “Tele Type 2.0”: $379.


Do you think that such self-improvement merchandises are impossible?

Why not?

Such things could be possible if you had body designed by the engineers and assembled at a factory. AIS will have exactly such bodies. That is AIS will be able to upgrade themselves by buying advanced components on the free market.

Quick access to other computers and the Internet

Already today you can connect with people everywhere. Unfortunately this connection is not always convenient (phone, video, and text chat still have some restrictions). But what if you can see what a person sees, hear what the person hears, scent what person smells, and feel what person touches and so on?

What if you could do it doesn’t matter with which location of your partner?


All these feelings connection things could be very easy if we could easily send data from our peripheral devices (eyes, ears, nose, fingers …) over the Internet. Such integration will be very easy in case of artificially crafted Intelligent Systems. Your conscience will be able to live in one of such crafted AIS.


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