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Fading routine

Fading routine applies fading to super goals.

Fading routine is started by scheduler.

Fading factor defines how heavily goal’s satisfaction level will be affected by fading.



Fading routine implementation is easy:

- Scheduler starts fading routine every fading period.

- Fading routine gets a list of super goals.

- Fading routine updates satisfaction level of every super goal according to this formula:

New satisfaction level = old satisfaction level * fading factor

That’s all!



fading period = 3 hours;
fading factor for “Reading desire” super goal = 0.7;
initial satisfaction level of “Reading desire” super goal = 1000.
every 3 hours fading routine will be started by scheduler. Every 3 hours satisfaction level of “Reading desire” super goal will be changed by fading routine:

1000, 700, 490, 343, 240, ...


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