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Intelligent Google-based search prototype

Intelligent Google-based search prototype (IGBSP) might do very intellectual search.

Functional problems to solve

Google itself returns very good search results. But there are still some problems:

  1. Google doesn’t allow synonym search. For instance, “clever person” query will not return pages with “bright man” word combination.
  2. Google results are a bit raw. There are only references to pages with answers. The answer is often placed on a page together with irrelevant information.


IGBSP’s solution

PCnous  is able to solve these problems. That is:

  1. PCnous is able to make preprocessing of the query and prepare several “synonym” queries based on initial query.
  2. PCnous is able to make post-processing: separate relevant and irrelevant information.


Why is PCnous capable to solve the problems?

  1. PCnous can easily remember synonyms (related concepts) for any specified concept (e.g. word or phrase). That’s why PCnous is able to prepare “synonym” queries based on initial query.
  2. PCnous can activate concepts related to initial query (related concepts will be put into the short memory) – let name these related concepts “RCSM”. Next step – calculate correlation between “result page of the Google’s search” and “RCSM”. The stronger is correlation between “the result page” and “initial query” the higher is rating of “the result page”.


Additional feature of IGBSP

In addition, PCnous may summarize returned results and rephrase the answer to initial user’s query.


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