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Writer prototype

Writer prototype is responsible for writing text.


From technical point of view writer prototype converts thought (from the short memory) into text though.


Let the short memory currently has active concepts: #553 and #4442.

Writer prototype will find that according to the word dictionary concept #553 corresponds to word “Juliet”. Then writer prototype will find that according to the phrase dictionary concept #4442 corresponds to phrase “I love you”. The resulting text thought can be: “Juliet I love you”.


Writer prototype is an essential part of chatter prototype.




Purpose of the writer prototype is to write short article about specific topic.


- One or several key words.

- Length of the article to be written.



Article about specified word(s).



Check the quality of the speech.


Super goal:

Praise of operator.



  1. User enters several words (request text thought).
  2. Reader prototype parses “request text thought” and creates “request thought”.
  3. Thought is affected by current goals. The response thought includes concepts from request thought and concepts related to current goals.
  4. Concepts in the thought are ranked by priority.
  5. The most important concepts are preserved. Less important concepts are removed from “response thought”.
  6. Writer prototype converts “Response thought” concepts into text concepts (if they are not text concepts yet). Cause-effect relations are used for the conversion.
  7. Text concepts are ordered in accordance with text pairs.
  8. Ordered text concepts are converted to final response (text thought). Word dictionary and phrase dictionary are used for that.
  9. Result text is returned to the user.
  10. User gives feedback about quality of the result text.
  11. User’s feedback is used in learning process. For instance, desirability attributes of concepts related to the final text are updated. Also cause-effect relations are updated. If user appreciated the results, then related cause-effect relations (which were responsible for making response text thought) are improved. If the user doesn’t like the results, then the cause-effect relations are deteriorated.
    Desirability attributes are handled in the same way.
  12. Start with step 1.

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