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Chatter prototype

The purpose of chatter prototype is to talk in natural language with people (or other intelligent systems).


How can computer talk in natural language?

Strong AI remembers huge amount of text concepts (words, phrases). All these concepts are related to each other.

These dictionaries can be used for making meaningful conversation.


Chatter prototype is tightly related to two other prototypes:

Reader prototype

Writer prototype


In addition to that chatter prototype has its own functionality which decides:

-          What to read.

-          How to read.

-          What to write.

-          How to write.



This scenario describes how chatter prototype works:

  1. User types a message (text thought).
  2. Chatter prototype receives the message
  3. Text parser converts the message into “incoming thought”.
  4. Chatter prototype builds “reply thought” based on “incoming thought” and information from the main memory.
  5. Optionally, chatter prototype might do some Google research while chatting.
  6. Text synthesizer converts “reply thought” to text.
  7. Chatter prototype delivers synthesized text back to the user.

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