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Know how

Conceptual know-how

This set of ideas is the key for True Artificial Intelligence System development:

  1. Main memory structure which allows representing any concept and relations between any concepts.
  2. Motivation system (super goals, sub goals, fading, reward).
  3. Tight integration of motivation system with the main memory (see sub goal).
  4. Tight integration of decision making system with motivation system (through the main memory).
  5. Constant learning based on experiment.
  6. Reading.
  7. Forgetting useless information.
  8. Self-programming (see: Programmator, softcoded routines).


Implementation know-how

Implementation of any software project takes time. These tips help to reduce development time:

  1. Reject unnecessary features, such as “Visual Images recognition” and “Voice recognition” (see also false ways in AIS development).
  2. Use RDBMS for the main memory for at least early prototype.
  3. Do incremental development.  Every new step should achieve practical goal by incorporating new AI feature (from above).  See prototypes for hints about possible strong AI development steps.
  4. Use mainstream computers (PC) instead of special “AI” or “super-computer” equipment.