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Softcoded routines

Softcoded routines are programmed by PCnous itself. (Compare with hardcoded routine)

Softcoded routine is very simple: its code consists of plain sequence of calls. Softcoded routine calls either other softcoded routines or hardcoded routines or both.

There are no softcoded routines in PCnous memory at starting point.

Softcoded Routines are created by Programmator.


Example of a softcoded routine:

1) Activate concept 123456

2) Activate concept 666554

3) Execute “Get WWW-page” hardcoded routine.

4) Activate concept 1500136

5) Execute “Parse WWW-response routine”

6) Activate concept 234455


As you see it is just list of actions. There are no loops, no “if” clauses, no unconditional jumps. That is softcoded routine is just a list of   concepts which should be activated.

Keep in mind, that every hardcoded routine is represented by concept in the main memory. Hardcoded routine can be started by softcoded routine through this “hardcoded routine concept representative”.

Because softcoded routine is so simple, it is possible to implement softcoded routine Programmator.