Wednesday, December 17, 2003

How to make computer read the text

These are "12 easy steps" about how to make computer read the text.

1) Take first statement from the text.
2) Find words inside of the statement.
3) Insert words into Word Dictionary(if they are not there still).
See also: Word dictionary

4) Put Words Neurons into Short memory.

5) Try to find phrases in the statement.
(I'll describe this process later).

6) Put phrases into Phrase Dictionary.
See also: Phrase Dictionary

7) Put phrases neurons into Short Memory

8) Establish (or update / improve) Reason-Consequence relations between all neurons which are located in the short memory.
(I'll describe it later).

9) Merge Short Memory and Main Memory.
(I'll describe it later).

10) (Partially clean Short Memory)
(I'll describe what "Partially" means).

11) Take next statement.

12) Regularly (say, every day) apply Forgetting to the whole Main Memory.
See also: Memory Cleaner Routine


As a result, Reader Prototype will populate its dictionaries
(Word Dictionary and Phrase Dictionary).

Main memory will keep information about relations between concepts.
(Words and phrases are concepts).
Such relations between concepts mean "Understanding of concept".


When I design Reader prototype I keep in mind Writer Prototype and
Chatter Prototype.


Questions are very welcome.
(Including "stupid" questions :-) )

Questions and answers

Question: "Try to find phrases in the statement" - it's quite complicated task.

Answer: It is not. In ten-words statement there are 9 two-words phrases and 8 three-words phrases. ReaderPrototype will just put all of them into Phrase Dictionary and Main Memory.

Question: It seems that Phrase Dictionary must be extremely huge :-(

Answer: No, because of Forgetting process. Unused statements will be regularly deleted from the Main Memory the and from Phrase Dictionary).

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