Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Limited AI

As my first AI prototype, I'm going to implement AI with the limited set of features.
Such "limited AI" (or "simple AI") project should be relatively easy to implement.
"Limited AI" project should have its own business sense.
Features from this "Limited AI" should be useful for "Full AI" ("Complex AI" / "Strong AI").

Here are these "Limited AI" features:

1) Memory in form of Neural Net:
Graph with concepts as a nodes and relations as an edges.

2) Natural Language processing.
Natural language is converted into Concepts. Appropriate relations are created.

3) Learning from Feedback.
Based on feedback from users/experts relations between Concepts are updated.
Feedback User Interface should be implemented in easy-to-use form.
"Learning from Feedback" requires implementation of a simple prototype of Motivation System
"Learning from Feedback" has limited learning ability.

4) Forgetting.
Relations are getting weaker with time (unless learning happens).
Very weak relations are deleted completely from the system.
Same forgetting mechanism can be applied to concepts.

What is not included into "limited AI":
1) Set of hardcoded goals (full "Motivation System").
2) "Self-programming" (Programmator, softcoded routines)

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