Friday, May 20, 2005

How to translate text from one language to another

Language translator prototype
0) Originally we have a sentence in a source language and we want to translate it into a destination language.
1) Take "source language" sentence.
2) Find all text concepts (words and phrases) in the source sentence.
3) All these text concepts constitute "source language text thought".
4) Search for all concepts which are related to the source language text thought.
5) As a result, we'll get set of concepts which conctiture abstract thought.
6) Now it's time to search for related text thought in destination language.
7) So, we search all concepts which simultaneously:
a) Relate to this abstract thought.
b) Relate to the concept which represents destination language.
8) At this point we have all concepts related to the original text and to the destination language. This is "destination language text thought".
9) Now we can eaily convert this "destination language text thought" into "destination language text".
Strong AI can build the final sentence (by using a word dictionary, a phrase dictionary, and text pairs dictionary).
See also:
Text synthesizer.

(Originally written: Sep 2004).

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