Sunday, July 24, 2005



I cannot find it now on your site, but, it seems your system has or will have the opposites to goals (was it goals with negative desirability?)

Answer:In general, same supergoal works in both negative and positive directions.
Super goal can give both positive and negative reward to the same concept.
For example, supergoal "Want more money" could give negative reward to "Buy Google stock" concept, responsible for investment money into Google stock, because it caused money spending. One year later same "Want more money" supergoal may give positive reward to the same "Buy Google stock" concept, because this investment made the system richer.

Supergoal: "can act" or "state only"?

Supergoals can act. Supergoal actions are about modification of softcoded goals.
Usually Supergoal has state. Typically supergoal state keeps information about supergoal satisfaction level is at this moment. Supergoal may be stateless too.

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